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Hi all. Recently while replacing steering rack and power steering hoses on my 2009 Ford Edge, I disconnected 2 of the 3 connectors to my PCM/ECM module on the firewall of my vehicle to gain better access to the power steering pump to reconnect my high pressure hose. When I had completed installing my new parts and went to start the car, I noticed my battery had drained so I got my charger to recharge it. After I got my charger hooked up, I noticed a sound from the fuse box like a relay was energizing on and off. I turned the key to the start position and it did stop so I let the battery charge up overnight. However, w2hen I went out the next day to start the vehicle, it barely started after a couple of tries. Almost like it was in a limp mode. After a minute or so, it just stalled out. I decided to see if any DTC codes had appeared and it gave me quite a few. Faults and pending. P0122, P0223 .P2104, P2110 and P0010. These codes have indicated high side and low side voltage on the throttle position sensor, variable valve timing and camshaft position sensor. My first course of action today will be to go out and check any fuses associated with the pcm /ecm and maybe to swap out any relay if I can source one like it today. However, as electrical and module/sensor troubleshooting is not my strong suit, then I am going forward with more than a little trepidation. I did do a pcm/ ecm reset with the residual drain from the battery cables after they were unhooked but didn't seem to make any difference. Is it possible that some pins are nor making a connection after I plugged my harnesses back in. Should I disconnect them again, check for corrosion and clean as necessary? What can I do without a high end scanner to eliminate any potential problems? Thanks in advance for any reply, Nick
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