2011 Edge - Brakes or Rims causing noise?


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2011 Edge SEL
A couple of years ago I purchased a 2011 Edge SEL. It was very clean and in really good shape. It came fitted with the 20” chome clad wheels. Recently after it had been sitting a couple of weeks, when I started driving it again there was a grinding noise which sounded like it was coming from the left rear. Service was relatively recent and the report on the brakes was they were in good shape. I don’t drive that many miles… As I was researching this and thinking perhaps it was the brakes, I came across a thread of another ‘11 SEL owner who also had the chrome clad rims who was surprisingly having the identical issue.. grinding from what sounded like the rear and the noise also often continued while driving. He had the vehicle back to the dealer several times (which included a complete brake job) only to have the noise continue. Turns out after an extended period of investigating the problem the dealer said it was the rims. They replaced them, and the noise was gone. I’m wondering if I have the same exact issue. My SEL was very clean BUT the rims where a bit banged up - def a fair amount of curb rash. The vehicle has about 110k miles and the brakes were working just fine prior to the issue - and even now. Wondering if anyone else has heard of the chrome clad rims causing this kind of grief. Thank you!