2013 Edge SEL soft brake pedal

St Paul Park
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2013 Edge
I have a 2013 Edge with brake problems. I changed the front pads and rotors about a month ago with no issues. About 2 weeks ago I noticed a soft brake pedal. I do have brakes but it takes quite a bit more travel. One additional odd fact is about once every day or two I get a very short and very light ABS feedback on the pedal while braking. This happens at about the half way point of pedal travel (normal brake engagement position).
With the engine off, pumping the pedal gives a hard pedal at the normal pedal travel position. I have a bi-directional scan tool and I ran the ABS Special Functions test of the module and found no errors. I was also able to exercise all of the valves on the ABS module with no improvement. I had the master cylinder and booster replaced at a shop about a year ago. Is this something with the booster again? The shop used a Ford booster because they say they have bad luck with aftermarket. I’m not sure of the booster job is still under warranty. I can call and find out but I’d rather fix it myself if possible. Any idea on how to proceed? I have 2 screenshots from the scan tool but not sure if they are connected. One is ABS temp and the other is “State of booster vacuum…”. Temp seems high if it really is brake/fluid temp. Should the booster say "Inactive"? Any help would be greatly appreciated.