2014 Edge Blown Engine, Have a Ford extended warranty, Ford won't cover rental because the vehicle is 4 months too old


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2014 Ford Edge AWD
So I am driving and the check engine light comes on. I check the codes and find P0430 ( Catalyst system efficiency below threshold) and P0022 ("A" Camshaft position-Timing Over Retarded. I take it to the dealer because I have a Ford extended warranty. Get a rental and go on my merry way. I come to find out the engine is blown, metal in the oil, bearings scored and almost .250 crank end play. Ford extended warranty will cover a long block, good for me. Only the long block is on D99 back order, no idea when the part will be in. The vehicle has been in the shop since Dec 29. I understand the warranty only covers 10 days of rental. But the vehicle is well maintained, it is not my fault the engine is blown or the engine is on back order. So I call Ford Customer Service to plead my case. I told because the vehicle is over 7 years old there is nothing they can do. The Warranty in-service date was 08/2014. That makes the vehicle 4 months out of the 7 year limit. I am a loyal Ford customer, I currently own a 2021 Mustang GT I payed a shit ton of money for, my wife drives a 2017 Escape, before that a 2014 Escape. I have owned a 2009 Mustang GT, 2004 Lincoln LS, 2003 Mustang, Multiple Escorts and a 1967 Cougar. Hell I even worked as a service advisor for about 10 years. But Still Ford will not help me out. What really stinks is I have to pay for a rental and I have no idea for how long because Ford has now Idea when they can ship the engine to the dealer. Before anybody says anything, I live in Chicago, driving a Mustang GT with summer performance tires is not an option. I guess product Loyalty means nothing these days.

End of my Rant.