my 2017 ford edge with 3.5l transmission stuck in limp mode

white settlement
United States
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2107 ford edge titanium
Anyone ever have this issue? I had this issue 8 months ago and replaced the transmission valve body shift module inside trans and it worked as normal. no programming was needed as the module came out of same year car. Then it went into limp mode again. now i got a new OEM module and installed it. dealer saying it had to have a strategy software upload before I can drive it. I put it all back together and started the motor and same codes P0657 first ......then P0742 when I try to put it in gear. Im wondering if i have to take it to dealer and get the new shift module programmed . I was hoping that at least those codes would go away and then take it to dealer and get it programmed. dealer has no one to explain that if i replace module that the car will not shift until new strategy software is loaded up.....I am very electro mechanically knowledgeable and have never taken any of my cars to get worked on at no automotive shop in my lifetime.