Sync 3 update to Version 3.4

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A few days ago I noticed my nav/radio screen looked different. I went through the various menus and found that an 'update' had been conducted from Sync3 version 3.3 to version 3.4. Now everyone thinks an upgrade would be a positive thing, but not exactly. The screen looks 'washed out' so to speak. By this I mean the screen is very bright while the color of the lettering is now a dull gray. This reduces the contrast and makes it difficult to read easily. So I went into the settings for the display and there is still a setting for 'Brightness'. But the only problem is the control is 'grayed out'. In other words you can click/press 'Brightness', but nothing happens. Brightness is stuck on maximum. In addition to this issue with the brightness, I also immediately noticed that the system is slow to boot up when I started the car. Pressing the various screen buttons for settings, nav, phone, etc results in an approximate 3 second delay before it responds. Before this upgrade to version 3.4 the screen responded without any delay. I took my Edge to my local Ford dealer and the Sync expert there had no explanation why the brightness control would be inoperative or why the system was so slow to respond. I then called Ford's 'Customer Relations' number and spoke at length with a woman (whose high pitched voice made it difficult for me to understand) who was reading from a script. She talked me through the 'Master Reset' procedure. I told her I had already done that and it made no difference, but she insisted I do it again per instructions in her script. So after going through the 'Master Reset' procedure (Press Master Reset, open driver's door and press lock, turn off ignition and wait about 2 minutes, restart car) again which resulted in no change she said I should take the car back to the dealer (or try another dealer!!!) and suggest to them that there must be a hardware fault. So I contacted my dealer and have an appointment for Wednesday, September 9. I was also told to give them the case number she provided for me, for whatever good that will do. SO -- I do not blame my Ford dealer. I do not blame the customer relations woman. I do blame FORD for issuing this update with at least two bugs that I have found: Locked maximum brightness and terribly slow response of the entire system. It should be interesting to see what my local dealer finds, if anything. Have any of you experienced either of these two problems?

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